The Forex Trading Coaches customization of the Metatrader charts is comprised of two major categories: 1 - General Enhancements and 2 - Trading Tools & Indicators. You will find that there are more indicators in the enhancements package than are currently documented here. This is because those that are not part of your training process are not critical to explain now, and others may be used in future training and will be included in more advanced documentation at a later date. In all cases, every custom indicator and template starts with the characters “ftc_” so that they will all be grouped together in the charting software indicators and templates menus.  The only exception to the "ftc_" prefix is the MACD 3 Trade Assistant™ EA.


The custom enhancements set the look and feel of the default charts (black background, red and blue candles) as well as some custom indicators that make the charts more useful such as custom period separators, highlighted background grid and others.

Trading Tools & Indicators

The trading tools and indicators include, in part, indicators and templates that will set up your charts properly for the training you will be receiving through Forex Trading Coaches and for trading the MACD 3™ system. These include custom versions of well-known indicators such as MACD and Bollinger Bands that are preset to a standard look and feel not readily available in the native metatrader indicators. Furthermore, some of these indicators are enhanced with additional information and/or alerts and alarms that may be useful to you during your trading.  It also includes some indicators that are not natively available in metatrader at all even though they may not be used in your training. There are also templates which, when applied to a chart, will put several indicators on a chart all at once, automatically setting the chart up with the proper indicators and settings for your training.

Bug Reporting

If you believe you have experienced a bug in an indicator, please report details to Please note that this is not a technical support email address. It is only for bug reporting so please do not expect a reply.