You most likely received the installation package as the file "MACD-3-Forex-Charts-TA-SETUP.exe".  In the event you received the chart package distributed as a .zip folder, it contains the installation program MACD-3-Forex-Charts-TA-SETUP.exe.  In Windows XP a .zip folder is called a “Compressed Folder”.  You must open or unzip the folder and then execute the MACD-3-Forex-Charts-TA-SETUP.exe program that it contains. 

1)    Open your chart software and close any charts that you have open.  Start by making sure that all the charts are closed.

2)    Quit your chart program.  Make sure you are not running the chart program when you install the chart enhancements.  This means to exit completely from the Metatrader trade station software.

3)    If you have a .zip file instead of the MACD-3-Forex-Charts-TA-SETUP.exe package, then in Windows XP you can simply double-click on the .zip folder and it will open similar to regular folders, displaying the installation program MACD-3-Forex-Charts-TA-SETUP.exe.  If you have a different operating system, you may need to use an unzipping program like pkzip or winzip.  You can find a 45 day evaluation of winzip at

4)    Run the installation program by double-clicking on the MACD-3-Forex-Charts-TA-SETUP.exe file.  You will see the following screen:

5) Click the "Next" button two times and you will see the license agreement and risk disclaimer.  Please read the disclaimer and agreement carefully, and, if you agree, then select "I accept the terms in the license agreement" and click "Next" 

6)    After accepting the license agreement and risk disclaimer, you will see the following screen.  If you installed your charts from Gallant FX and installed them to the normal location that they automatically install to, then you will not need to make changes to this option.  However, if you installed the charts to a different location then you will need to click on the “Change” button and change the destination folder to the same folder you installed your Metatrader software into.  By default, the chart enhancements install to the same default location that the Gallant FX charts install to.  If you have any doubt where you installed your charts to, find the shortcut you used to run Metatrader (either on your desktop or in your start->programs menu system), right-click on the shortcut and choose “Properties”.  Click the “Find Target” button and your computer will open the folder that your charting software runs from.  This is the folder you must choose in this step of the setup process.


 If you accidentally install the chart enhancements to the wrong location, you will need to uninstall them before you can reinstall them.  To uninstall them, from your Windows Start Menu choose Start->Programs->Forex Trading Coaches Chart Enhancements->Uninstall.  You will then be able to reinstall it to the correct folder.

7)    Click “Next” one more time and review your choices, then click “Install”


8)    When you see the following screen, the installation is complete.  The “Show the readme file” checkbox will cause a .pdf file of important information to be opened.  You must have a .pdf (adobe acrobat) reader installed in order to view this file.  You may get a free copy of the reader at If you wish to open this file again you may do so by going to: Start->Programs->Forex Trading Coaches Chart Enhancements->Read Me NOW Before Using Charts


9)    After clicking the Finish button, start your Metatrader charts.  Open a new chart for your favorite currency pair.  Please note that metatrader has some issues displaying certain indicators for a currency pair / timeframe that you have never opened before.  If you have never opened a 15 minute EURUSD chart since you installed your metatrader charts, you will need to switch the periodicity back and forth (change to 30 minute, then back to 15 minute) to get all the indicators on the chart to properly display.  This is because when you open a currency / timeframe chart for the first time ever, you have absolutely no price history downloaded and it messes with the indicators.  Once you do this for a currency pair/time, you will not have to do it again.  We suggest, if you want to trade the EURUSD, that you open a EURUSD chart, then from the “View” menu choose “Toolbars” and make sure the “Periodicity” toolbar has a checkmark next to it, if it does, you should be able to see a toolbar that looks like this:


10)    Click on the EURUSD chart window to make sure it is the active chart, then slowly click on each of the buttons on the periodicity toolbar.  Each time you click on a button, wait until your chart updates before you click on the next button.  This will automatically download some history for each time frequency.  Once you have done this, every time you open a new chart for the EURUSD it should display correctly.  Repeat this process for any other currency pairs you want to watch and you will not have to worry about it again.  It is possible that you may experience this problem the first time you open a chart when you first start up Metatrader.  If so, you should only experience it one time for that one session.  This seems to be a quirk in how Metatrader handles certain indicators being applied by templates.  We will continue to research a better workaround for this.

If your installation was successful, your EURUSD chart should now look similar to this: