You can configure Metatrader to have the ability to send email or text messages.  This is useful because the MACD 3 Forex Charts Pro Enhancements™ have several indicators that provide options for not only audible alerts, but also email or text message notifications of those same alerts.  However, in order for those programs to send email or text messages, the Metatrader trade station itself has to know how to send out those messages.


To configure Metatrader to send email or text message alerts:

From the "Tools" menu choose "Options".  Then click on the "Email" tab:



  • Click the "Enable" checkbox

  • Put in your ISP's SMTP server info.  This would be the same information you use to configure your email program for SENDING out your email

  • Put in your email login name.  This is the same login you use to send/receive email with your ISP

  • Put SMTP Password.  This is the same password you use with your login to send/receive email with your ISP

  • In the "From" field, put in the "friendly" name you want your trade station email to be from, then a comma, then the actual "from" email address

  • In the "To" field, put in the email address you want Metatrader to send email alerts to.  If you use a cell phone / SMS address, then you will receive text messages on that phone.  WARNING: We recommend that you do not send alerts as SMS messages unless you have an unlimited SMS plan with your provider.  It is possible to mis-configure alerts in ways that can generate a lot of text messages.  It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to be sure you do not create unexpected charges on your SMS/Text Message account.