What are "Parameters"

Parameters are the different custom settings that are available to you in any indicator or EA, and in some scripts.  Parameters are located in the "Inputs" tab of the window that is displayed whenever you right click on an indicator and choose "Properties" or when you go into the indicator list and choose to Edit any given indicator.  For EAs it is displayed when you first drop an EA on the chart, and also if you double click on the happy face next to the EA name in the upper right of the chart, or if you right click on the chart and choose Experts->Properties (the keyboard shortcut for this is F7).


Here is a sample of a property sheet for the dynamic trend lines indicator.  Note that you must click on the "Inputs" tab in order for the parameters to be displayed.



Some parameters appear in multiple indicators and/or scripts, and use values that appear meaningless, but have meaning within the metatrader platform.  For example, different line styles drawn by metatrader are represented by numbers 0 through 4.  Click here to see the documentation about these kind of parameter values.