The markets indicator paints vertical dashed green lines on the chart, each corresponding to certain market opening or closing times.  The green lines are labeled at the bottom with the market event that corresponds to that time.  Lon-O and Lon-C are the London open/close times.  Nyc-O and Nyc-C are the New York open/close, and Jpy-O and Jpy-C are the Japanese/Asian market open/close times.  These automatically update as time goes by.  They are programmed so that you can see upcoming market times ahead of the current candle, so you can anticipate upcoming market times better.  Please note that the market times are automatically NOT displayed on the 1 hour chart and above.  You can force them to display on a one hour chart if you want to by setting the “showOnOneHour” option on the indicator to true.

NOTE: This is one of the indicators that are dependent upon your GMT Offset being set correctly.  Please be sure you configure the GMT Offset on your trade station.


(Click here for more info about parameters)


The maximum number of days back in history on the chart that market times will be drawn.  The lower this number, the less CPU usage.  If you want to draw the market times far back in history for analysis or back testing, set this to a higher number.  To minimize CPU usage, you could set this number to just 1 or 2.


By default the market times are drawn on the M15 chart and below.  If this parameter is set to true the market times will be drawn on the H1 chart and below.


Controls the color of the vertical line that is drawn.


Line style 2 is the dotted line.  Click here to see valid line styles settings from 0 to 4.


By default, the text descriptions of the market times are aligned to the bottom of the chart.  You may set this value to true if you would like them drawn at the top of the chart.