The period separator indicator paints a vertical white dashed line once every 24 hours.  The time that the line is painted is adjustable, but by default it is painted at 4:00 GMT during US Daylight Time, or 5:00 GMT during US Standard Time.  This is the equivalent of midnight Eastern Time (Daylight or Standard).  If you want to display the period separators at an Eastern Time other than midnight, then change the fromHour_EST parameter to another number from 0-23.  Please note that the period separators are automatically NOT displayed on the 4 hour chart and above.

NOTE: This is one of the indicators that are dependent upon your GMT Offset being set correctly.  Please be sure you configure the GMT Offset on your trade station.


(Click here for more info about parameters)


The US Eastern Time Zone hour that you want the period separators to be drawn.  The default of 0 draws them at midnight eastern.  If you were to set it to 12 then they would be drawn at noon eastern time.


The color of the period separator line that is drawn.


Line style 2 is the dotted line.  Click here to see valid line styles settings from 0 to 4.

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