Pulse (Template)

The Pulse is an indicator window that shows you the current status of two different moving average pairs for every timeframe of a currency pair.  For every time frame, it tells you whether the moving average pair is crossed up or crossed down, and whether or not they are diverging (spreading apart) or converging (closing back closer to each other).  It is a great way to view the status of two moving average pairs for every period of a single currency at a quick glance.

To display this indicator you need to open a chart, apply the TEMPLATE called ftc_pulse, then move the top bar of the indicator window all the way to the top so the chart prices are not visible, then size the entire window down so that it looks like the graphic below.  An up green arrow means the 1st MA (faster ma) is crossed above the second (slower ma), a red arrow means faster ma is below the slower ma.  When an arrow has a plus sign next to it, it means the pair just crossed/changed directions in the current candle of that timeframe.  When you see double arrows, it means that the crossed ma’s are still spreading apart (diverging).  If you see a single arrow then the ma’s are not diverging, instead they are moving closer together (converging).

The moving average method that is used in the 34 MA of the Pulse is a custom calculation not native to Metatrader.  It calculates the exact middle of the light blue 34 tunnel.  So with the Pulse, you can see on every single chart for a currency whether the 6 EMA is above or below the center of the 34 tunnel, and whether the 89 LWMA is above or below the 200 LWMA, all at a glance.